Become a Dealer

Buck Knives is the official licensee for the manufacturing and distribution of Remington Cutlery. All orders for Remington Cutlery are invoiced and processed by Buck Knives and carry the same terms and conditions. For your convenience, Buck Knives and Remington Cutlery can be ordered and shipped together. Remington Cutlery is produced to Buck's high-quality standards and backed with a Lifetime Warranty. Authorized dealers will receive the full value and support behind every Remington Cutlery product.


  • Maintain a physical store-front and be willing to stock a minimum of three (3) Remington Cutlery SKUS at all times
  • Minimum initial order of $500 (net) and maintain a purchase level of at least $1,000 per year
  • Willing to prominently display and merchandise Remington Cutlery products in a professional manner and train your employees to communicate the features and benefits of our products
  • Willing to report or share sell-through information by SKU to help us plan for production and inventory needs
  • Valid reseller license
  • Remington Cutlery signed Authorized Dealer Agreement


Why is Remington Cutlery manufactured and distributed by Buck Knives?

Buck Knives is the official licensee of the Remington Cutlery brand. With Remington having a similar notoriety as Buck Knives as an iconic American brand, Buck Knives is able to design and produce products that appeal to the Remington customer base and be distributed and serviced in an efficient manner. With product differentiation between the two brands, dealers will be able to fulfill a wide range of needs. Buck Knives will be providing the same level of support for Dealers and end-users purchasing Remington Cutlery. Together, Buck Knives and Remington Cutlery are synergistically aligned to deliver value across a wide range of products.

Is it necessary to sign a Dealer Agreement?

Yes, the same agreement for Buck Knives applies to Remington Cutlery. You will be sent the Buck Knives Dealer Agreement with a one-page Addendum that confirms you are complying with the terms, conditions, and provisions as outlined in the core Buck Knives Agreement. Once approved, you will receive an Authorized Dealer Certificate and first-line support from our Field Representatives and our Inside Sales team. Authorized dealers qualify for in-store POP and merchandising support, seasonal promotions, and new product allocations. In addition, we will list your store(s) in our dealer locator on the Remington Cutlery website and provide access to our dealer portal for order entry and marketing content. 

What is the process for becoming an Authorized Dealer?

1. Fill out and submit the "Authorized Dealer Application".
2. An Inside Sales or a Field Representative will collect any additional required documents:

  • Copy of Valid Reseller License
  • Credit Application 
  • Signed Dealer Agreement 
  • Remington Addendum 

3. If approved, our Inside Sales representatives will confirm your dealer account number and provide everything necessary to create and process your initial order.  

Can we sell Remington Cutlery products anywhere? 

The Dealer Agreement authorizes dealers to sell Remington Cutlery products only to end-users in the United States.

Dealers are prohibited from selling, distributing, consigning, or otherwise providing product to any individual or account that intends to resell Remington Cutlery products. The Agreement stipulates you cannot sell in bulk to B2B accounts, wholesalers, freight forwarders/drop shippers, or other retailers unless confirmed in writing by a Buck Knives Executive (under strict penalty of account termination).

Dealers are prohibited from fulfilling product through any third-party website(s) or platform(s) including but not limited to: Amazon, eBay,,, Craigslist, and Facebook. Buck Knives reserves the right to prohibit and/or remove listings from these sites if in our sole discretion it is believed that terms, conditions, or actions have been violated.

Dealers are prohibited to sell outside the United States unless a written request is approved in writing and signed by a Buck Knives Executive. This includes not distributing, consigning, or providing product to any individual or account outside the United States that knowingly intends to sell or re-distribute Remington Cutlery products.

Do you have additional questions?

We welcome communications from our dealers and would be pleased to answer other questions, clarify any issues, or respond to any other inquiries. Please send an email to or call 888-879-2825.


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